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Positivity challenge day 1

Thanks to Jena Davis for this challenge!

July 28th, 2014:

1. I slept in, late. Todd stayed home for the day and I took advantage of it. I was dreaming so very hard. It was just nice to get a deep sleep like that.

2. We went to lunch and a movie as a family with aunt Etta and my parents. It was nice that we were all able to do that together.

3. Had a nice dinner. Todd grilled my tilapia I had marinated and we had mashed potatoes and broccoli. All things everyone will eat, which is rare. We had good conversation. I love the chats we have at dinner time.



Me: I went shopping with my mom. We did a bunch of errands and had lunch. We laughed about stuff that only her and I could laugh at. It was great. It was a good day for distractions. I then had a conversation I needed to have and it was the best conversation I have had in a while. It ended up being a great day mixed with fun, laughs, and some tears.

Katie: You hit your dad when he came to get you from school. You are having a rough time with life right now. It will be good for you to be at Grammie’s tonight because you have been in need of just some Katie time. I got you some chapter books for me to read to you from the library and you and I read one before bed. You loved it. I love spending that time with you.

Abbey: You have started to stand in the middle of the room and walking a couple of steps. That is exciting 🙂 You have also been doing really good with blowing kisses. I realized that I should have started you on sippy cups a long time ago and I messed up there. Going to be hard to get you to move from bottles to cup now. You didn’t want to eat dinner and it seems like you might have a cold coming on. (Tonight you have a cold and maybe even an ear infection)


Katie: Your leg hurt again. I need to figure that out. You complain about it when you try to stand up after a tiny bit of sitting. Not all the time, just sometimes. 😦 Makes me sad. You learned how to do cartwheels at school today and you were so excited to show off while we waited for daddy to get home from work. We had one of your favorite meals tonight, tortellini with alfredo sauce. You had two servings! Much different than yesterday’s dinner experience. You then got to eat a piece of cake to which you asked if it was left over from my birthday, over a month ago… I said no. You played with your sister who was copying you with your cartwheels and we laughed and laughed.

Abbey: You walked today on your own and with help. We got it on video and we are so proud of you! You took your first steps officially today! What a big girl! Then you saw your sister doing cartwheels and wanted to try them yourself, it was so funny! We video taped it. You have such a fun time with your sister. We watched Backyardigans and you clapped your hands and swayed to the music. You love music so much!


Katie: You were so excited when you came home from school and saw the plastic Easter Eggs in the trees in front of the house. You said “Mom, the eggs look AWESOME!” You were starving until you found out we were having meatloaf for dinner and then all of the sudden you didn’t want dinner. You fight eating these days so much that it is hard to manage dinners with you. You don’t like anything I make. You were more than happy to leave the dinner table to take a bath with your sister. As always, right before bed you were starving, but not for dinner, but for fruit roll ups. We put our foots down and said no, you had to eat dinner or nothing. You ate your dinner. I just wish it wasn’t such an argument every night.

Abbey: You get so excited to see either me or Daddy every night when you come home. I showed you an Easter Egg Tree that I got from a friend when you came into the house. It has music, your favorite thing. You looked at with with such happiness. Sometimes you are so funny about things. You sat down and ate dinner, meatloaf… and you ate it all! I was surprised! Gave you some potatoes and then pears. You are a good eater (unlike your sister.) You love your baths… you giggle when we start the water and you love to play in the running water. Tonight you stepped one step on your own after I held your hands to go to Daddy. You wouldn’t really do it again. You will gain confidence as the days go by and in no time you will be walking. You played peek-a-boo with my sweatshirt tonight and you and I both laughed and laughed as we played together before bed.

Things I love

I love… my family. Todd, Katie and Abbey especially. ❤

I love… the smell of spring.

I love… the sound of spring, which right now is all the frogs chirping in the back of our house.

I love… looking at pictures and remembering the fun times that were had. It makes me look forward to fun times to come!

I love… the spa! Essential Ellegance is the spa I go to and I just adore it there. Carla does my massages, Consuelo does my nails and the staff is just awesome!

I love… my pillow.

I love… water. Love it room temp and love it ice cold.

I love… reading blogs, especially ones about design lately… design in terms of scrapbooking and photos.

I love… retro scrapbooking papers.

I love… getting emails from friends. Texts too… really hearing from friends in general.

I love… Kensington Park. Love to walk and bike and just be there. It is a good family memory. Can’t wait for our first picnic of the year!

I love… being able to sleep… a good nights sleep is worth a million!

I love… to hear my girls laugh. ❤

Hang To Dry

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Fourth of July

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It’s Christmas <3

With our household finally to a point where our health isn’t stopping us from doing anything, I am excited about Christmas this year! This year brought the completion of our family with the birth of Abbey. And Katie, well, she is at the prime of life, means that Christmas couldn’t be more magical. Oh how I love it.

This past weekend we went to our closest friend’s, the Harris’s, for a holiday party where we were greated by the majority of our other good friends. The party was warm and cozy and not too many people. Everyone had a good time and it was just what I needed to get me into the spirit. I guess it reminded me of the parties my parents attended when I was younger. I would be off in my own world, no clue (Or care) what the adults were up to. It was a fun time as a kid. And I am pretty sure Katie had that same experience. Then there was the fun we had, of course, chatting with our friends, laughing, eating and just enjoying the night.

Sunday we spent with Sandy and Marty (the in-laws) and that was fun. The girls were taken back with all of the splendor of my mother-in-law’s Christmas decorations. The house just sparkles. 🙂 We are going to start a new tradition (hopefully it will be a tradition) of going to their house on Christmas Eve about 10pm, from my brother’s house, and have Grandma and Grandpa read them some Christmas stories. I think they will really enjoy it. (Oh, I need to go get hot chocolate!)

I need to figure out what to do for food on Christmas day. Rumor is that work is giving us ham’s today, which is great! I would really like that and I could serve it for dinner. We usually have a turkey, but this will be less work and already “purchased” 🙂 So it works out better. Plus, I love split pea and ham soup 🙂 Breakfast is easier, just waffles, strawberries, whipped cream and then meat.

We don’t really have plans for the time off. I would like to paint a couple of rooms. That may or may not get done. I would LOVE to decorate the girl’s bathroom in a cute design. I need to look into that. Like get them a shower curtain, accessories and towels to match. That would be fun. Cause, you know Abbey cares! lol But it is still the white it was when we moved in almost 7 years ago. And then there is the large spare room the girls were supposed to share that I painted pink, per the request of our 4 year old. (Note to self: don’t listen to four year olds when making decorating decissions) So I need to find a good color for that room. And I have been wanting, for two years, to get new bedding for our room, that doesn’t have blue in it, and then pait the room and hang photos. We will see. I then let my head spiral about this, that if we are going to redecorate, we should get all king size and buy a king sized bed and mattresses. Talk about expensive. But I really want a king bed.

Anyways, that is our holiday. Some fun things here and there, but mostly relaxation. I hope, my only hope really, is that Katie just lights up with glee on Christmas morning, and that I get it all recorded to enjoy for years and years. 🙂 Abbey too, but she is still too young yet. 🙂

Merry Christmas all!