Me: I went shopping with my mom. We did a bunch of errands and had lunch. We laughed about stuff that only her and I could laugh at. It was great. It was a good day for distractions. I then had a conversation I needed to have and it was the best conversation I have had in a while. It ended up being a great day mixed with fun, laughs, and some tears.

Katie: You hit your dad when he came to get you from school. You are having a rough time with life right now. It will be good for you to be at Grammie’s tonight because you have been in need of just some Katie time. I got you some chapter books for me to read to you from the library and you and I read one before bed. You loved it. I love spending that time with you.

Abbey: You have started to stand in the middle of the room and walking a couple of steps. That is exciting šŸ™‚ You have also been doing really good with blowing kisses. I realized that I should have started you on sippy cups a long time ago and I messed up there. Going to be hard to get you to move from bottles to cup now. You didn’t want to eat dinner and it seems like you might have a cold coming on. (Tonight you have a cold and maybe even an ear infection)


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