Katie: Your leg hurt again. I need to figure that out. You complain about it when you try to stand up after a tiny bit of sitting. Not all the time, just sometimes. 😦 Makes me sad. You learned how to do cartwheels at school today and you were so excited to show off while we waited for daddy to get home from work. We had one of your favorite meals tonight, tortellini with alfredo sauce. You had two servings! Much different than yesterday’s dinner experience. You then got to eat a piece of cake to which you asked if it was left over from my birthday, over a month ago… I said no. You played with your sister who was copying you with your cartwheels and we laughed and laughed.

Abbey: You walked today on your own and with help. We got it on video and we are so proud of you! You took your first steps officially today! What a big girl! Then you saw your sister doing cartwheels and wanted to try them yourself, it was so funny! We video taped it. You have such a fun time with your sister. We watched Backyardigans and you clapped your hands and swayed to the music. You love music so much!


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