Katie: You were so excited when you came home from school and saw the plastic Easter Eggs in the trees in front of the house. You said “Mom, the eggs look AWESOME!” You were starving until you found out we were having meatloaf for dinner and then all of the sudden you didn’t want dinner. You fight eating these days so much that it is hard to manage dinners with you. You don’t like anything I make. You were more than happy to leave the dinner table to take a bath with your sister. As always, right before bed you were starving, but not for dinner, but for fruit roll ups. We put our foots down and said no, you had to eat dinner or nothing. You ate your dinner. I just wish it wasn’t such an argument every night.

Abbey: You get so excited to see either me or Daddy every night when you come home. I showed you an Easter Egg Tree that I got from a friend when you came into the house. It has music, your favorite thing. You looked at with with such happiness. Sometimes you are so funny about things. You sat down and ate dinner, meatloaf… and you ate it all! I was surprised! Gave you some potatoes and then pears. You are a good eater (unlike your sister.) You love your baths… you giggle when we start the water and you love to play in the running water. Tonight you stepped one step on your own after I held your hands to go to Daddy. You wouldn’t really do it again. You will gain confidence as the days go by and in no time you will be walking. You played peek-a-boo with my sweatshirt tonight and you and I both laughed and laughed as we played together before bed.


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