Things I love

I love… my family. Todd, Katie and Abbey especially. ❤

I love… the smell of spring.

I love… the sound of spring, which right now is all the frogs chirping in the back of our house.

I love… looking at pictures and remembering the fun times that were had. It makes me look forward to fun times to come!

I love… the spa! Essential Ellegance is the spa I go to and I just adore it there. Carla does my massages, Consuelo does my nails and the staff is just awesome!

I love… my pillow.

I love… water. Love it room temp and love it ice cold.

I love… reading blogs, especially ones about design lately… design in terms of scrapbooking and photos.

I love… retro scrapbooking papers.

I love… getting emails from friends. Texts too… really hearing from friends in general.

I love… Kensington Park. Love to walk and bike and just be there. It is a good family memory. Can’t wait for our first picnic of the year!

I love… being able to sleep… a good nights sleep is worth a million!

I love… to hear my girls laugh. ❤


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