So I am doing a Project 365 of each of the girls. I started it because I really want to get better with my photography and be more creative. But, so far, things are less than stellar. If a photo is in B&W, that typically means the color was so very bad, it couldn’t be fixed. The lighting in my house at night is scary. So, I have to use flash. Well, at the start, I forgot I had a Speedlight so you get lovely on-camera flash. Then I have many that are simply the only photo I got due to schedules. But I am really going to try. And I have to update as I haven’t had time to get the photos off my camera… but they are there. I promise! I haven’t missed on in this first month of the year yet… give me some time! lol

the goal was also to say something about the day. But seriously, some days there isn’t really much to say. I mean, during the week we are so routine, it isn’t funny. And until the sun starts showing her face later, we basically don’t get home til after dark and we leave before she comes out. I try harder on the weekends, if I remember to take them during light hours! But I AM trying! 🙂


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