4/365 - Katie
Today you wore your bubble skirt to school and you loved it! You told everyone about it and then you called Aunt Amber and Kalie to tell them thanks for the gift. Then you wanted to chat with Caiden. You were so silly on the phone with them! We again played Quirkle and put the puzzle together 🙂

4/365 - Abbey
We took you to the doctor’s tonight. Your cough is really bothering me and I just can’t figure out what it is. They tested you and your sister for Whooping cough, though I do not feel that either of you have it. But you did really good at the doctor. No ear infection, nose drippage or throat issues. Your lungs were clear. So, if it isn’t whooping cough, they will look at some other possibilities. But for now, you are still our happy girl, climbing all over the place!


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