It’s Christmas <3

With our household finally to a point where our health isn’t stopping us from doing anything, I am excited about Christmas this year! This year brought the completion of our family with the birth of Abbey. And Katie, well, she is at the prime of life, means that Christmas couldn’t be more magical. Oh how I love it.

This past weekend we went to our closest friend’s, the Harris’s, for a holiday party where we were greated by the majority of our other good friends. The party was warm and cozy and not too many people. Everyone had a good time and it was just what I needed to get me into the spirit. I guess it reminded me of the parties my parents attended when I was younger. I would be off in my own world, no clue (Or care) what the adults were up to. It was a fun time as a kid. And I am pretty sure Katie had that same experience. Then there was the fun we had, of course, chatting with our friends, laughing, eating and just enjoying the night.

Sunday we spent with Sandy and Marty (the in-laws) and that was fun. The girls were taken back with all of the splendor of my mother-in-law’s Christmas decorations. The house just sparkles. 🙂 We are going to start a new tradition (hopefully it will be a tradition) of going to their house on Christmas Eve about 10pm, from my brother’s house, and have Grandma and Grandpa read them some Christmas stories. I think they will really enjoy it. (Oh, I need to go get hot chocolate!)

I need to figure out what to do for food on Christmas day. Rumor is that work is giving us ham’s today, which is great! I would really like that and I could serve it for dinner. We usually have a turkey, but this will be less work and already “purchased” 🙂 So it works out better. Plus, I love split pea and ham soup 🙂 Breakfast is easier, just waffles, strawberries, whipped cream and then meat.

We don’t really have plans for the time off. I would like to paint a couple of rooms. That may or may not get done. I would LOVE to decorate the girl’s bathroom in a cute design. I need to look into that. Like get them a shower curtain, accessories and towels to match. That would be fun. Cause, you know Abbey cares! lol But it is still the white it was when we moved in almost 7 years ago. And then there is the large spare room the girls were supposed to share that I painted pink, per the request of our 4 year old. (Note to self: don’t listen to four year olds when making decorating decissions) So I need to find a good color for that room. And I have been wanting, for two years, to get new bedding for our room, that doesn’t have blue in it, and then pait the room and hang photos. We will see. I then let my head spiral about this, that if we are going to redecorate, we should get all king size and buy a king sized bed and mattresses. Talk about expensive. But I really want a king bed.

Anyways, that is our holiday. Some fun things here and there, but mostly relaxation. I hope, my only hope really, is that Katie just lights up with glee on Christmas morning, and that I get it all recorded to enjoy for years and years. 🙂 Abbey too, but she is still too young yet. 🙂

Merry Christmas all!


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