The day you dropped your sister

Dear Katie:

You dropped your sister today.

It all started so great, you two were playing in the living room while daddy and mommy got ready for the day. I was walking over towards you and you thought it a good idea to pick her up completely and carry her over to who knows where. That is when you lost your footing and you dropped her, right on her face.

I don’t think it would have been a bad situation if she didn’t have a hard fishy teething ring in her hand that she was chewing on. She jammed that right up into her mouth. That led to her crying the cry which I so lovingly refer to as her cry of pain. I scooped Abbey up and took her over to the rocking chair where she complained and sobbed for a good long bit.

You got up and went an hid in your favorite spot and then you started to cry. You came over to me and Abbey and you looked so horribly sad that I couldn’t help but turn my attention to you and forget about Abbey for just a bit. (She wasn’t hurt, just complaining) You said, in your sweet voice, “Mommy, I really didn’t mean to drop her. I was trying to be careful.” So I scooped you up on the other side of my lap and I loved both my girls.

Daddy came and got Abbey (who, again, was fine) and I held you for a bit. I told you to sit up and look at me. Asked what it was you were thinking about as you still had a dreadfully sad look upon your face. You just said “I thought I was being careful.”

Oh I love you my sensitive girl 🙂 I love you for how gentle you are with Abbey and how much you love and adore her. I really hope that never goes away. I love you for so much right now. You are really a gift in my life.



One response to “The day you dropped your sister

  1. This made me cry in a good way. x

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