See what I wrote mom?

Katie was bored yesterday. She is bored a lot lately. Her toys don’t get touched anymore and she isn’t liking TV. So, then what do you do with a child who is always bored? She started talking about the T-Rex. I said “the Tyrannosaurus Rex?” and she said “No mom! T-Rex!” I told her that T-Rex was his nick name. I told her how her name is Katherine and her nick name is Katie. My name in Patricia and my nick name is Patti or PJ (depending on who you ask). Same with Abbey, her actually name is Abigail. She felt smarter and you could see it… that today she is going into school to tell her teachers that it is actually Tyrannosaurus Rex. She is feisty that one 🙂

Anyways, I then asked her if maybe she would want to write a story about the T-Rex? I told her I would give her some blank white paper and she could make drawings about her story and I would help her once she is done by helping her write out her story and then we could make a book. She drew one picture and when I get home I will put it up here. It was pretty darn good!

About 15 minutes later she comes to me with a piece of paper. I hadn’t really heard much from her at all. She wasn’t far from me. I could have heard her if she had been even whispering to herself. She hands me a piece of paper with a TON of letters on it (all of them actually). She asked me to read it. (I will take a photo or scan of this too and come and re-post… but it read:


Just like that. She looked at me all proud, as she should. She is 4 (5 in Feb) and she is brilliant.


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