Abbey’s Birth Story

Abigail (Abbey) Jane was born via successful VBAC on 5/4/10 at 11:56pm. (we were trying to hold out until 5/5/10 but sometimes, when you gotta push, you gotta push!!) 7pounds even and 20 inches long.

So… On Monday about noon I started having contractions. I went about my business and finished up everything I wanted to. We went to dinner with my mom to drop off Katie and dog so she could watch them after our C-section (It was scheduled for Tuesday at 7am) At dinner I started getting them about 3-5 minutes apart. My mom looked at me and said to go to L&D. I did. I was only at a 1. They were very regular but not strong. We went walking around the hospital and I told Todd that we needed to go home. That it could be hours…

We went home and they were still really bad. We went up to bed and went to bed. I woke several times in pain. I even took a bath at one point. But I did get some sleep.

Here is the cool thing…

The alarm went off at 5:30 am (to wake us for the c-sec) and I felt an immediate GUSH! I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. I couldn’t see anything. I said “Todd, my water broke!” He didn’t move. I said “TODD!” And he reached over and turned the alarm off and snuggled back into bed. Then I yelled again “Todd, my water broke” and with that he bounded up and came to help me. I looked down. It was green/brown. I knew immediately that it was meconium. I was freaking out. It didn’t stop coming out. We called L&D and told them and they said to come on in. I put a wash cloth under me and put my clothes on and off we went. It felt awesome to have everything in order in our house and bags were already in the car.

Got to L&D. I was only a 2 and 50%. I was BUMMED. I knew a c-section was going to happen. They did a u/s to make sure she was still head down because she had moved a ton during the night. For two months she had been on my right side but now she was on the left. Everything looked great.

I was admitted and went to my delivery room. Got my IV lock in but the nurse was tired and she got blood everywhere. Oh well. They hooked me up to the monitors and my ctx were stronger but not regular. I would get them strong for 15 minutes and then they would break for 15 minutes. Todd and I took a walk around the floor twice. Because of the meconium, they were not going to check me until my contractions got really, really strong and more regular.

About 11am my two friends (Amber and Carrie Harris) arrived and the doc came in to check me. I was still a 2. I was so bummed… but I was now 80% effaced. -2 station. The doc said that I had a few choices. 1) Get an epidural and wait it out. They like to give them earlier for past c-section patients. 2) Get an epidural and start pitocin or 3) do a c-section. I will admit, I was ready to give up and just go c-section. I talked to my husband about it and we decided to get the epidural since I needed it no matter what route I was going. Then we decided to try the pitocin for 2 hours and see where it lead us. I took a shower to get some of the mess off so I didn’t feel so dirty.

The epidural… With Katie it took them 5 tries and it was not fun. I thought that was bad… I had NO CLUE. This time I started off with a horrible panic attack that felt like I was going to die. I calmed down from that and they started again. Three more tries and I got another panic attack but this one felt much, much worse. They left to let me relax. The doc gave me adavan (?) and I fell asleep for 30 minutes. The team came back to try again and this time no panic attacks and it was in after only 7 more tires. They claim I have vertebrae that are VERY close together. It had nothing to do with the epi, it was my body structure. Once it was in, I was in heaven! They started the pitocin at 6pm and things took a while to get going.

They checked me in 2 hours and I was only a 3. I was getting discouraged. At 10pm they checked me and I was at a 4. Before they came to check me Todd and I discussed that if it was anything under a 5 we were just going to go for the c-section. But then I was not only a 4 but a 0 station and 90% effaced. That was a lot of progress and we decided to go forward.

The next two hours were rough. I got a fever of 103. I was shaking and the baby’s heart rate was going way down on contractions but way up when not. My contractions were now 3 minutes apart and all consistent. I could feel them from time to time, though not as bad as when I didn’t have the epi. Things were progressing. They brought me an antibiotic and some tylenol to bring down my fever. I also had brown. brown, brown urine that had keytones and protein in it along with some blood. Odd since they pressed 3 huge bags of fluid in me and I was drinking water. Something wasn’t right.

At 11pm I was at a 9, +1 station and 100% effaced. My contractions were strong and I was feeling a lot of it. Monitors were not looking good for me or her. They had me moving around on the bed a TON and I was FREEZING. At 11:30 I started to push and it was hard. I didn’t feel much at first, just a lot of pressure. Since I had an upper resp. infection I was having a hard time taking in a deep breath and holding it to push. I explained this to them and told them they had to give me a second. It was very hard. Hardest thing I have had to do. But when I felt her head pop out, it was so amazing that I had done it!

I knew that she wasn’t going to be able to come to me because of the meconium. They took her over and got her cleaned up and cleaned me up. I had a 2nd degree tear and they stitched it up. Also a tear at my urethra but they didn’t stitch that. She came over to me and we did some skin to skin contact for just a few minutes. She had to go to the nicu.

Abbey was there the whole time we were in the hospital. I finally got to feed her at 2pm on Wednesday. But the nurse at the NICU was horrible and wouldn’t help me try to breastfeed. I was so upset. Then I found out she had already been bottle fed once even though it was our direct wishes not to have that happen. I gave in and gave her a bottle because the nurse wouldn’t help me find someone to help me. It was so nice to hold her though. It was amazing. In love, totally! I did meet with a lactation consultant since and we came up with a plan. She asked me to please write a letter about what happened with the NICU nurse because that was not right.

Abbey had an MRI. She stopped breathing twice the first night and they just want to be on the safe side. She had a spinal done to check on the infection she had. We both got an infection and I don’t remember the name. That is why I had such a high fever. Abbey had a fever as well when she came out. I was also feeling very out of it pretty much all day Wednesday. Since she wasn’t in the room with me and I couldn’t hold her, I got a ton of sleep and that was so nice. I missed her, but needed to sleep since I was sick.

Oh! About an hour and a half after I delivered… I was up and took a shower. We were told Abbey would be coming to our room after about 2 hours. Right before we left the hospital we questioned everything because they wanted to keep her an extra day. We asked why since she didn’t have any other issues and the issues she did have were due to some things that happened during labor, like the med they put me on and the infection. After talking to the team of Peds, they agreed to let us take her home at 7pm on Thursday. So happy they did!

She is very sweet and she is up all night long and sleeps most the day. I am working on breastfeeding and it is really hard! I am trying not to give up. I also need sleep… but what new mom doesn’t? I am overwhelmed with people that come over or call. I just kind of want to turn everything off and not answer the door. But I love having Todd here. Unfortunately, he isn’t here but the weekends and evenings. It makes it hard. Having family issues too… Abbey is crying so I have to go but thanks for the support!


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