Day 6


I woke, as usual, about 1:30am. I decided to get out of bed and see if they continued while I moved about and got into different positions. I let the dog out and they were continual. But they were not something I couldn’t function through. They didn’t stop me in my tracks. I stayed up for a couple of hours and played canasta on (so love that game) and then went to bed on the couch. It is more comfortable because of how it tilts my body.

I took Katie to school and worked on my special project I am working on. I talked to people on the phone and on line and then got ready for the day. I went off to Amber’s house and had a great time chatting. I was there about an hour and we were sitting in the living room and BAM! on came a hard, hard contraction. I was actually excited, though I could not function at all with it. It faded and another one came on. This one I tried to move into a new position to see if it would relieve the pain a bit. It was intense and brought tears to my eyes. Amber saw it… But then they stopped, in that intensity. Just had the normal ones I have at night. Not that painful really.

So, now I know that THAT is what I am looking for. Extremely painful contractions for an hour… that I can recognize and I can do… I can do this right? I don’t know… but I am going to give it a try, that is for sure!!


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