Day 4

I am 38w5d pregnant and on day 4 of early labor. I woke this morning at 3am with strong, strong pain that took my breath away. Since then I was able to fall back asleep but still having the pain. Too annoyed to time things. Right now, at 8am, they are about 11 to 12 minutes apart.

Tuesday my mom came and we took a brisk walk around the neighborhood. That led to cramping from 5am on Wednesday til about noon or so. The cramps died off. Thursday I went to the Zoo with Amber and all the kids. We walked all day and it was great! Had my first real contractions at that point about 25 minutes after we left the Zoo. I was driving and it was painful. But those too died off. Friday I had my hair done. I had plans with Renee and Becky but canceled when I started to feel crampy again. That died off before bed. Todd and Katie and i went for a walk last night around the neighborhood and I think that helped.

I am thinking about going for another walk. Need to get going because it is cold and looks like it is about to rain. But I think a walk is what I need. The family will have to come with me because I am not comfortable going on my own right now.

There is another one. 10 minutes.


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