My 34th Birthday

I slept in a tiny bit. Todd took Katie to school and I played canasta on (one of my favorite things to do these days). I couldn’t find anything that tempted me for breakfast so I had vanilla ice cream. Todd and I watched some TV and then my mom came over. Mom and I went to Red Robin for lunch, one of my favorite places and Todd isn’t that excited about it, so that is where I picked. Fruit smoothie, cheeseburger and fries were had. Mom took photos of everything to remember it. It was fun. 🙂 I love talking to my mom. We have a good time together. Then off to the spa to get our feet and nails done. It was heaven! Consuello, my friend and manicurist, got me a small cake and it was so, so yummy! Were looked beautiful! I had Todd come get me because my mom was going to be a little while longer. Came home and rested for a tiny bit and then Todd’s parents came over. Sandy had bought the baby and Katie some REALLY cute clothes. Todd went and got Katie from school and then we all went out to dinner at Stillwater Grill. Coconut shrimp and a yummy salad was what I had, it was really good! (I was still a bit full from lunch actually.) Then we took Katie and the in-laws to our house and we left for downtown Detroit where we would meet our friends from my Flickr group, Exposure.Detroit.

This is when it all went south.

We got there and everyone was there. It is great seeing them because I really love these people. People from all walks of life that got together on the internet because they love photography. This was the photo swap, and I didn’t bring any photos to swap, but that was ok. I met a couple of new people and talked to my old friends. It was really nice. I looked at Todd and told him I forgot to put my ring back on after my manicure and that I wanted him to go grab it from the car, it was in my purse. But he didn’t go, no big deal. A couple of hours later we were about ready to get going. A guy came in and asked if anyone drives a grey minivan. We do. He said the window had been busted out. My first thought was that I had left my purse and my camera bag in there. I got sick. Todd went down to look and I went over to the window to see if there might be another grey minivan out there. There had to be, right? No. I asked Ken, a friend of mine, to please go down and help Todd, that someone broke into our car and I was scared, and he did. I seriously lost it. I cried and cried. Tina, another friend of mine, came and comforted me. She said that it was just stuff, and she was right, but I couldn’t stop crying. I was mostly worried about the credit cards and money my mom had given me for my birthday. Someone came in after a while and said the stereo was taken. I asked about my purse and camera bag. He said, no, those were STILL THERE, just the stereo was taken!!! I was amazed! the purse was sitting right under the stero!

After all was said and done, we went to the Detroit Police Department and filed a report. I called and filed a claim with insurance. We got home about 12:15.

This morning I have a headache. It is my mom’s wedding day and I just can get over the sadness I feel about last night. I am going to get my hair done at 9am. Then home and then we go to my mom’s. It will be a good day. It will be a good rest of the day. Everyone is safe and healthy.


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