A Ballerina

Last night Todd went to put Katie to bed and she had fallen asleep on the couch in the loft in her ballet leotard and shoes. He just covered her with a blanket and turned off the TV and lights. I went up a tiny bit late and put her to bed.

This morning I went in to get her. I brought her into bed to snuggle and after a couple minutes, and her still being asleep, I just said “Katie, you fell asleep in your tutu!” To which she laughed a silly laugh and then lifted up the covers that were on her to look. She laughed even harder. She stood right up and asked “But mom, where are my ballet shoes?” I told her they were in her room, next to her bed and off she went to get them, at 6am this morning.

I wish I had taken a photo of at least part of it. The whole thing was great.

One bad thing… she had a strange dream about Max and Ruby (the cartoon) and something about Max had ants in his overalls and they crawled out of his overalls and into her bed. There was more that I won’t say here… but it freaked me out a little. I don’t know when she last saw Max and Ruby even. But how odd.

I go to my new OB’s office this week to meet with the nurse and I am so excited! I just have questions. Since we have been going through everything based on my old OB’s thoughts and ideas and his practice’s protocol, I am curious as to what things will be different. The nurse on the phone had mentioned my due date not being right, which I know that May 7th is the date for many reasons. But then if that changes I am curious about that. Then also what their ideas are about c-sections and VBAC’s. It should be interesting. 🙂


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