Today I am making cake

Things are going better. I am feeling more like myself. I am 30w2d along. I am taking some meds to help with my moods, which I have to be ok with. I also started taking iron pills today to help with restlessness I feel in my arms and legs.

We got a cleaning service to come and clean and I am thrilled! I was having a hard time with how dusty and dirty things were and got too overwhelmed thinking about doing it myself. They are coming once every other week. This is actually helping Todd and I keep things clean because it just feels better to have it all clean πŸ™‚

Right now there is a pound cake in the oven. I got it from Ree Drummond, who is THE Pioneer Woman, and amazing… That is the link to the cake I made. I am already excited because of how good the batter was… errr, did I say that?

Katie has her friend Madison over right now and they are playing… that will keep Katie busy for 3 hours! πŸ™‚

We went out with Jen and Dennis last night for dinner. It was nice seeing them. Jen looks so amazing pregnant. She really does. He baby bump is right out in front. Though I know how she feels, as I feel the same way. We are due the same week, both with girls.

We got our pack n play last night too after realizing we had to throw out our original one after our flood a couple of years ago.

I cannot wait until spring for so many reasons. The sun, being outside, the baby, flowers… and being off work. I wish we could make me not working work, but it just won’t.


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