It is that time of year…


It is that time of year where it is foggy and gloomy and you just don’t feel like the happy self you were just a few short 6 months ago. That would be the reason for my post two days ago. I was, and still am, down about things right now.

The thing is, I am really trying not to be that way. Horemones, I know, play a huge role in that. The good thing is, I know it will be sunny and happy again in no time.

I have had a few things happening, physically, to me right now. I have this weird foot thing. It is like a hot spot, so weird. Like something is blowing hot air on my outter part of my left foot and I have no explintion for it. Then you have the blurry visin, but I think that is a mix of too much computer time and dryness. I need to put drops in I think. But then that has me worried about Gestational Diabetes. I will take care of it if I have it, but I sure hope I don’t. I find out next Friday, the 12th. I have a really hard time breathing about 70% of the time. It is really just this feeling that I can’t possibly take a deep breathe. Normal, I am told, but frustraing because I feel almost winded. like I can’t possibly do anything. Yuck. And I am paranoid about having gained too much weight already, as my face is puffing out. 😦 Too much weight caused by too much eating of bad-for-you stuff. Something I was NOT going to do!!!!!

I am so looking forward to spring. In Spring there will be a new baby and opportunity to work out and eat better and live life. Go out and see things and be around friends and family. I have so much to do and I worry that I won’t get to do everything I have hoped for us this summer with all the time off. I so want to take a family vacation this summer. Something for just the 4 of us… though I would love it for mom and Ron to come along as well. I want to possibly go to New Jersey for a few days to see Aunt Etta. I would like to go to Wisconsin to see Meg. All with Katie and baby in tow. I would like to do lot and lots of newborn photos of the baby. Both taken by me and, hopefully, by friends. I would like to get going on walking again, around Kensington, with the baby. (Which is why I so want a new stroller.)

So much to look forward to! Just hope we can get it all done!!


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