I don’t want to forget

I was lying in bed the other morning, bright and early, thinking about how much our life will change with another child.

Right now, in the mornings, I wake early, about 6am, and take a shower. I get fully ready and then I go get Katie out of her bed.

We go to snuggle.

I love this part of my day. Daddy is sleeping and Katie and I snuggle in my bed with daddy and Charlie sleeping besides us.

Sometimes, like this morning, Katie is sound asleep and has no clue she is even there with me, but she still snuggles in tight. Other times, she is wide awake and happy to tickle and talk and get Charlie playing.

This is our current morning routine. It will all change soon.

I try to think of what it will be like once the new baby gets here. How will we get in our one on one time? I know we will, but it kind of makes me sad that we won’t be doing this anymore. While it doesn’t have to stop, it will. I will be off on maternity leave and it just won’t happen. Like on weekends. On weekends Katie wakes up on her own and turns on the TV in the loft and watches TV til either we wake or she is hungry. Whichever happens first.

Being on maternity leave means we will grow out of that habit. It also means that when it is time for me to go back to work, our family will have to come up with a plan so that daddy doesn’t have to do all the work in the mornings to get both kids out of bed and ready for the day. That isn’t fair to him.

But until that time, I am taking in each morning we still have to snuggle. I am enjoying the times and I am making them work, no matter how tired I am and how much I want to just lay there and sleep in. It is important to me to do this routine with her.


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