Just going to put it all out there

So, life has thrown us a bit of a wrench lately. I am praying so hard that the streak ends. Right now at our church they are doing a series on Life Interrupted. This would certainly apply.

1) We had our dear, dear Mellie put to sleep on Thursday, Jan. 7th
2) Our furnace died
3) Our snow blower died
4) Insurance changed and we had issues with my OB and PCP belonging to different networks (it is now all settled)
5) Furnace died again, cost $500
6) I couldn’t stop thinking about Mellie on Saturday night
7) I broke down again about Mellie on Sunday during church and after
8) Our trip to Florida got canceled.
9) I was an hour late to work on Monday because of the snow.
10) Dinner was ruined by an infestation of bugs in the pasta
11) Bank account was overdrawn
12) I got into a car accident
13) Email notified me that grandma on my dad’s side isn’t doing well

Most of the things are small, temporary things that can be fixed and are already over with. The rest, well, they need to be dealt with. I just need a break. I have other things as well, things that are bothering me about people in my life and my relationship with them. Those I can’t go into detail, it isn’t right… but those are bothering me most right now, and is a common theme in my life.

The good news is that we are healthy. We have jobs and a house. We have food on the table and we have clothes that fit us and keep us warm. I have a baby in my belly that moves more than I thought possible at only 23 weeks and you can see her move from the outside, just crazy! I need to let go of the negativity and hold on to all that is good in life.


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