Cheese is good

Since last post we have, I think, decided to stay with our OB practice that we are in and just go with it. Maybe our last experience with the hospital was a fluke and a one time thing. (And maybe not but by that time it will be too late, we will be there, and I can say with 100% sureness that I will not want to change at that point in time. Plus, we aren’t there for a huge percentage of our life. It will be ok if we don’t have internet, cable or a competent lactation consultant) Anyways, I am fine with it.

I had met another OB in the practice last time I went in to be seen for some anxiety issues I was/am having. She kind of renewed my confidence in the practice and I really like her. Though, I can’t, for the life of me, remember her name. But the fact she personally took time the next day to call me and come up with a plan for what to do next, was kind of the seal of the deal.

As for me and the little one that resides in my belly… We are good. I can feel it move from time to time. My stomach itself is growing, which I think is odd. I feel huge already. (I hate it when pregnant women complain they are huge. Hate it. What is wrong with them? Can’t they just be happy they are pregnant??) I think that I read (think I did?) that the organs and stuff are currently moving around and reorganizing to fit a huge baby in there right now, so that could be the reason for this growth in my gut. A growth, by the way, that hasn’t yet involved weight gain.

I am still convinced that this child is a boy. Despite what Amber says, I am happy with that. If it is a girl, I will actually be surprised. For one, I have been scoping out all the boy clothes at all the stores and picking out things šŸ™‚ Second… I found bedding that I love and Todd likes too. I have just simply gotten used to the idea that it is a boy. Even the profile photo from our last ultrasound, when it was actually still an IT without developed sexual organs, looks like a boys profile.

We will know soon enough. Based on my appointment schedule, the ultrasound should be scheduled for 4 weeks from this Friday, or there abouts. (Is that not a word? “abouts” with an s? I thought people used that in sentences? It is underlined, so it isn’t a word. hmmmm. I am leaving it) So about December 11th. I am going to ask if they could please do it at the hospital because last time, with Katie, (and even last ultrasound with this one) they couldn’t see all of the chambers of the heart and I would hate to have to do two of them and waste time and money. It caused me a ton of stress last time with Katie and I don’t need that right now at all. I have too much unexplained stress.

So, let’s see… I have three pairs of maternity pants and not enough lounge pants to be comfortable at home. I have three or four new maternity tops and then all the ones from last pregnancy which are way too big, and I am ok with that.

Katie seems to have a complex right now. She feels like people are better than her. I don’t know where she got this from. I firmly believe that no one in this world is better than anyone else. They are not better than you and you are not better than them. Period. So it saddens me when she comes up with this stuff.

Dance class was when it started. On the way there “Mommy, what if everyone else is better than me?” Which confused me because this was a first dance class. No one there had ever been in dance class before. I told her this and it was a disaster. She only did the dance steps if she was standing right next to me. I wasn’t standing. I was sitting, watching. Who knows.

Next came “Mom, the older kids are better than me.” What older kids? Cause they aren’t. They might be better than you at something, and that is ok. Sometimes people will be better than you at things and you will be better than them at other things. It is what makes us who we are. This, she liked! šŸ™‚

So, the dilemma of the “better than me” saga is over, I think. Though now we have moved on to “Mom, Seany at school doesn’t like the flowers on my nails. But everyone else does. Why doesn’t he like them?” Does it really matter is a boy in your 3 yr old preschool likes your nails? Really??


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