I am just sitting here thinking. 4 years ago I was almost 6 months pregnant with Katie. I was getting over a cold, like the one I had last week, and something disgusting came out of my nose. I know, aren’t you glad I told you? Without getting too graphic, it was like a pineapple flavored gummy worm. (Those are the clearer ones.)

So, here I sit, getting over a cold that I had last week, same awful pain in my left sinus as that time 4 years ago and I can’t help but wonder if I am going to have a repeat of that gummy worm. Lovely topic eh?

I did just call my doctor and let them know the news and going to see if they suggest anything for the pain in my left teeth/cheek and the horrendous sinus pain.

In other news…

Got to see the blob yesterday. I got emotional about it. About the whole appointment really. Like was I at the right doctor’s and making the right choice in hospitals just because it was what we did last time? I am starting to think no. Maybe it was the start of the entire appointment where they asked me to fill out a new patient form, even though I had been there twice in the past two months. Or, it could have been the receptionist talking in a loud voice so everyone could hear my name and birth date and all of my insurance coverages. (Isn’t there that annoying HIPA law that prohibits this sort of thing???) Or the ultrasound that took all of 10 seconds when I thought they were supposed to check for abnormalities? (which was actually a cool u/s because I got to see the baby be an acrobat!) Then the realization that no one was there to share that with me. Just too much.

When I left the appointment I had a ton of doubt, and I still have it, and that is why I have asked a friend of mine for a referral to a new OB that I will check out before I go there. And I think Todd and I will look at more hospitals to find the one we want to go to.

I also left and went directly across the street to Sonic and get a Limeade Cooler (chiller?) and drank it with glee as I talked to my best friend on the phone. That five minutes was better than the entire hour and so many miutes I was at the OB’s office.

In even more news…

I think I need to take a serious break from photography for money and re-evaluate my priorities. I think I have 5 or 6 more sessions I need to do this year and then a Wedding at Christmas and another wedding in June. Besides that, I need to go back to photography for fun and really start enjoying it again. I want to reconnect with my photog friends, if they will have me, and go shoot in Detroit, or where ever we find fun places to shoot at. It is important to me to get that joy back.

Positives for today:

  1. I have a job
  2. I don’t have swine flu
  3. I have an amazing little one growing inside
  4. I have a great family
  5. My mom makes me dinner every Monday and I love it
  6. I am accomplishing some personal goals that I set for myself and it feels good
  7. I am going up north this weekend with friends!
  8. I had yummy soup for lunch
  9. my nausea wasn’t the end of the world today
  10. I get to go home from work in 15 minutes.

What are your daily positives? (no one reads this anyways so I am asking no one, but one can try :))


One response to “Thoughts

  1. I read this! My positive for today is that even though I got a call from Cici’s school regarding potential seizures, we are going out of town tomorrow for a treatment that I hope will help them! Talk about good timing!

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