Haven’t been posting


It has just been too long! We have been gone, out of the house, so often. It is just so busy right now and I need to slow down. I feel like I never see my family anymore. I would love a day, a whole day, where we did nothing but be together, just the three of us. Maybe soon.

This morning I went into Katie’s room, instead of going down stairs to enjoy the peace and quiet of the morning, something that I used to enjoy before katie came along. I walked into her room and she was sound asleep. It was 7:45 am. I climbed into bed with her and snuggled with her and she got a huge smile on her face and she snuggled in even tighter. I whispered tht I loved her and she said it back to me. I whispered that I miss her and that I would miss her tonight (she is staying over Todd’s parent’s house) and she said, “Don’t worry mommy, Daddy will be here with you and he will take care of you.” Total tears came down my face. I love her. And she is right, Daddy wil take care of me, as he does so well all the time. I don’t know how I got so lucky, really, I don’t.


  1. peace and quiet
  2. katie
  3. todd
  4. crickets
  5. xm radio
  6. macbook pro
  7. water
  8. my la-z-boy
  9. the red tree in the field that demands a photo be taken of it
  10. consuelo (my manicurist)

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