Hi there


This photo is from my trip to Chicago a few weeks back with friends. I don’t think anyone has seen this one of me. I was in one of my favorite places in downtown Chicago, and considering I haven’t really explored it fully, that isn’t fair to say. But I was glad to stop by if even just for a minute 🙂

Life is so busy sometimes, it would be nice to just slow down a little. But when I do get a moment to slow down, I waste my time. Not good. I have gotten a ton of things done this last week personally, and that is good. I just need more time. If I had more time in a day I could get more done and be more caught up so that I have nothing waiting for me. But that is an impossible request, because with more time comes, inevitably, more things to do. I am actually nervous about this weekend, that things won’t go right, that I will miss something, because there is just too much to do. Just too much. All good things, that I want to do.

I was talking to a friend last night and I said that I think I like my life in chaos because then it gives me something to complain about and in turn I am happy. Am I really? Not sure.

Lots going on in the next 10 days and I just need to keep my head above water and get through. I need to take what has been given to me and be ok with it. 🙂

Positive today:

  1. Talked to Elaine for 92 minutes. I am glad she called
  2. Got a session edited and sent off to the clients to look at.
  3. Heating pads… heating pads are definately a positive right now
  4. Had a great lunch today catered in for us. Food is yummy
  5. Dinner was also yummy. Todd made chicken kabobs and he will be asked to make them again.
  6. It is cool enough to have the windows open
  7. I am going to make greeting cards tomorrow night and I am already packed!

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