The weekend was a-ma-zing. Friends galore and laughs that I keep reliving. I find myself thinking of something either I or another friend said this weekend and I giggle and get a huge grin. It makes me excited to hang out sooner rather than later with these girls. I love them. I am a little different than most of them (likely all of them) in that I am an open book. I tell all and I hold nothing back. I have a few secrets that I don’t tell anyone, but for the most part, you can ask me anything and I will blab about it. And even though that is the case, they still like me. It baffels me.

That leads me to my best friend, Amber. We havehad ups and downs and that happens, I think, in every relationship… but the cool thing is that I tend to remember the ups mostly. This weekend was an up for sure! It makes me sad that we live a tiny bit over an hour from each other. I wish we lived closer. If I lived closer to her, I would also, in turn, live closer to the rest of the girls. It would be nice to do things with them more regularly. Anyways, back to Amber… she is my best friend. Someone who I can laugh hard with. Nothing better than laughing until you cry.

Amber and PJ

I did miss Katie this past weekend. When I heard, while I was in the car driving home from Chicago, that her and Todd were at Kensington, I was jealous forsure! We haven’t been in a very long time. I miss going. I am busy with photography and I am thankful for that, but miss family time. It is hard to juggle it all.

Positives Today:

  1. Got some things done at work today
  2. put money into the bank
  3. got to listen to P!nk in the car
  4. I felt good about myself today
  5. I got a booking from someone who found my website and liked my work (this is always awesome because it is about my work and nothing else)
  6. I convinced a pregnant, beautiful friend who is due, due, due to let me take her pictures tomorrow night!

PLEASE post your positives today… It really is empowering to focus on your positives 🙂


One response to “Random

  1. What a sweet tribute to priceless friendship!

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