A good day, after all was said and done

Daddy play with me smallThe day was busy, but then it got busier after I called Todd to meet me, half way between our house and work to give me my computer plug. We were to meet at 12 and he called to say that instead of meeting at the bank, let’s meet at the hospital. He wasn’t doing well and wanted to sit in the parking lot until he felt ok. After all was said and done, he has a kidney stone. Ok… that is easily dealt with 🙂 My issues wasn’t that but the anxiety/panic attack he was having and has everytime there is just a slight bit of pain. This is why men aren’t meant to have children. 🙂 I love him, I do… I really, really do. But man! 🙂

It will be a fabulos weekend and I need to get ready for it… but wanted to share the above collage from tonight. Katie wanted to go on the slide with daddy and he did. Do you see the pur joy in her face?? (not sure if it isn’t too small?)

Positives today:

  1. Got my mojo back for weight loss
  2. ate healthy
  3. drank my water
  4. bought some new clothes
  5. got my scavenger hunt done and I hope I win something! If not, it was fun at least
  6. I love my husband. ❤

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