Just the positives

Sunset Millers

  1. Saw the fawns in the field this morning
  2. My cantelope was very yummy this morning
  3. Laughed with Amanda
  4. OH! Saw the traffic on the way to my appointment from work and got over in just enough time. Later found out it was a 15 car pile-up and ask that all that pray will do so for those people.
  5. Had amazing photo sessions with some great clients/friends
  6. Talked to my mom several times between leaving work and getting home
  7. Witnessed an amazing storm that gave me peace
  8. Played in The Margarita Band again tonight, this time for a live audience
  9. Watched a fun video of a wedding dance… Love things that just make you feel good. This was a feel good moment.

Good night.


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