Though I am overwhelmed, I am also grateful beyond belief. I just have too much going on right now. Just too much… So in thinking about this too much, it has clouded my thinking. Take this example from today at Walgreens.

I went to Walgreens after picking Katie up from preschool to get a script. First I asked if it was 3 pills, and she said no, 7 and then read the instructions to me (I was in the drive through). I told her the nurse said it was only 3 pills and I was to take it for three days. I just told her I would call in the morning to check. She agreed that it would be a good idea. Then she said “it is 63” I was putting my card in the drawer and pulled back when she said that. I said “what??? How much was it before insurance?” She said “1189”. OMGosh! I was shocked! I had just gotten off the phone with my mom who was talking about health care and here I was now living it! I asked her if I could just please get three of the pills instead of 7 and I would get the rest later if I really needed 7. She said that wouldn’t be possible and she was looking at me REALLY strangely. I told her I would wait while they got approval. Then… then she offered to just pay for it for me. Ok, WHAT??? She said “Ma’am, it is only 63 cents!!!” I turned white and died right then and there. (I am still giggling thinking about it) I took my card back and pulled out the whopping 63 cents and paid her and shyly asked for a grape sucker for Katie. I was still laughing after driving off and also all the way home.

Positive from today:

  1. I laughed for more than 5 minutes in a row
  2. I stayed on my eating plan
  3. I got to eat Fage Greek yogurt with yummy honey
  4. I got two new recipes for Banana bread and I am going to bake them on Friday to see which is better.
  5. It rained a peaceful rain
  6. Kaie got a sucker from Walgreens.

Please list out your 5 or so positives for the day.


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