That is what I am doing right now! LOL… I have two sessions to edit. A wedding and a family session. Both are going ok, but I can’t just sit and edit for hours on end, it just gets me antsy. So I am on Facebook and YouTube and ClickinMoms… anything but what I am supposed to be doing.

I think a lot of things are like that for me right now. I am just not doing what I am supposed to be doing. My photos and my diet. I ate pretty bad all weekend and then again today. I am going to have to get back on track tomorrow… have to!!

We made a video tonight of our little band. Some of it is highly, highly annoying, but then some of it is highly entertaining! lol Loved making it. Loved capturing Katie doing what she does best, laughing and having a ball! 🙂 You can see the video below

Other than that… Not much is going on. Ohhhh!!! Katie stayed at Grammie and Grandpa’s house this weekend (my mom and Ron) and we were undoing her bag and found a note:

This is Katie’s
1 Free
Out of Time Out Card
This may be used any time
Katie wants
Signed: Grammie & Grandpa.

It is printed from the computer in Pink. Katie said she wanted it in pink. I asked her if she knew what it meant, but she wasn’t too sure. Good, let’s keep it like that! lol


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