I wasn’t going to post this weekend!

us on beach web

But it is 7:25am and I have been up for an hour and can’t go back to sleep. So I am looking over photos from last night and now I am posting them 🙂

I left work last yesterday, 4:25, so that got things started a little late, sadly. But i got home as fast as I could and then we were off! Or so we thought. We were started on our way and driving when I saw a purple house for my scavenger hunt. So we took a photo but then on the way leaving from the house I found this awesome old chair by the side of the road. Had to pick it up and take it back to the house (going to have to be reupholstered, but it is divine) So back home we went to drop chair off. Ok, NOW we are on our way, but we need gas, so off to the station we went. Got gas and snapped another photo for the hunt. Yay!

I had KFC (grilled) and Todd has Taco Bell for dinner. Not what I had planned had I left earlier and we actually had time to go sit and eat somewhere. 😦

We got to the B&B and it is charming! Will show photos later. It is a brand new house in the woods with a pond we can see right outside our bedroom window. So beautiful. They built it to be a B&B. Smart! The bed is comfy and I slept like a log. Until 6:26am when the people in the room next to us decided to wake up and get ready for the day and we heard every single whisper and movement. 😦 That is the bad thing about this house, you can hear everything everyone is doing! But I will say, the inn keepers sister is visiting and she loves to bake… bonus for us! 🙂 Diet? What diet? I guess it will all be made up for with the exercise we will be doing.

I think we biked about 4 or 5 miles last night. Plus we walked about a mile. It was NICE… except the weather. That was cold. And windy.


I love my husband. We were on the way and I mentioned to him that my mom and a friend said something about my camera, yada, yada, yada… How this weekend was for Todd and I and not about pictures. Ok…. So, I asked Todd… Would you prefer I don’t take my camera? No, he said. I told him about my concerns that if I take photos it will be about me and photography and not US, which is the whole point of the weekend. I then realized I never even asked him where he wanted to go. We talked about this. He said that he likes what I like. That we always have good trips and that he loves to do this (ok, not really said those words, but basically) I asked him where he would have liked to go… he said where we are going. And that is what he said. 🙂 Then I asked about my camera again and he said he was completely fine with it.

Something about Todd that I love and adore is that what is important to me is what is important to him to let me do, accomplish, see through. My business, my quilts, my scrapbooking. He has said to me in the recent past that if it makes me happy that is all that matters. I think that moment was when I feel in love with him all over. He just wants me to be happy. I don’t tend to spend a lot of money, anymore, and I try not to inconvenience the family, though time is what we need and there just isn’t enough of it to get all of the things done that I want to while also taking care of my responsibilities. Maybe one day we will be rich adn I will be able to quit my job and spend time with my family, run my part-time business, photograph for fun, edit photos, quilt, scrapbook, make cards, exercise, hike for fun (not exercise) and travel… now, wouldn’t that be great???

Anyways… I have never been so happy to be away, in the wee hours of the mornng, with the man I love laying next to me, asleep, and just knowing that where I am, right at this moment, is the best place I could be.

BTW… I love that I have a jaw line. 🙂

We kiss


3 responses to “I wasn’t going to post this weekend!

  1. Patti, that was an absolutely beautiful post! I know what you mean about your husband, because mine is exactly that way. He can be so frustrating at other times, but he is the most wonderful man and I know he loves me. Enjoy your vacation, it sounds divine!!

  2. So glad y’all are having a good time. Todd sounds a lot like my husband too. We are so blessed to have them 🙂 LOVE that last picture of the 2 of you. So cute.

  3. BTW, this is Amy (In_Focus) from flickr 🙂

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