Katie is going on vacation!

Katie and Grandpa

That is right all! Katie is going to stay the weekdn at Grammie and Grandpa’s house this weekend! I told her about it tonight so that she would go to bed, and she was excited! I told her she will get to have ice cream, several times, go swimming in the pool and stay up as late as she wants. She can watch movies with grandpa and play with Snoopy (it is an old drag behind toy they have) She seemed excited. So excited that she went to bed tonight without argument! 🙂

I will miss her. I always do when we go away for more than a day. Todd and I really need this weekend just ourselves. It has been a long time coming. But then I think of all the fun things that we might be doing and think of how Katie would like to do them too. Maybe we will take her back after the summer “rush”. When prices are down and not as expensive. And when the beach isn’t as full.

It will be a fun weekend and I am excited for all of us…

Things that were good today:
1) the store at work had yogurt and grapefruit so I could stay on my eating plan
2) there was a lunch with my name on it (literally) in the freezer at work, so I didn’t have to go buy it
3) I met with an engaged couple about shooting their wedding and I booked their date
4) I made us eggs and toast with strawberry freezer jam that I made and every loved it and ate it all up! (we have no groceries, see a pattern?)
5) Katie got an ice cream from the ice cream man!
6) I got a session edited and out
7) there is great music on the tv and I love good music 🙂


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