A walk to Subway


I picked up Katie from preschool and called Todd. I asked him if he took anything out for dinner, he hadn’t. I asked him if Subway sounded good? Yes, it did… how about we walk to Subway?

I got home, changed my clothes and Todd was all ready to go. We got on our sunglasses and started off! Katie in a stroller because there is no way she can walk all that way! The city put in new sidewalks and we followed them around to Subway… we ate our yummy dinner and then made our way back. **Note to the cars out there, when someone is waiting to cross and you are turning right, the walker has the right of way, not matter how badly you want to get home.

On the way back we saw a catterpillar. He was fuzzy and Katie said he tickled. I don’t know what he tickled cause he was on the sidewalk, not touching her, but hey…

After that, we went to Payless to try on shoes. Oh great, look at that! They have a total of 5 pairs of shoes that might or might not fit me, in a size 12 or 12W… I wear a size 12W. Nope, nothing. We went over the kid’s section. We got Katie a pair of flip flops and a pair of tennis shoes. Then off we went to home.

The walk was wonderful, dinner was wonderful.. and we served several purposes:

  • we walked wince I couldn’t go to the gym tonight (I got my hair done at 8 instead of the gym)
  • we had a healthy dinner
  • we helped the environment by not driving to dinner
  • we showed Katie a good example by leading a healthy lifestyle

It was a good night 🙂 No photos so I give you the one above from another time 🙂


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