Children will say things sometimes…


… that don’t make us proud. But when they do they sometimes learn a lesson they need to.

Today while pumping gas, Katie told me to do something and I said no (she wanted me to put my credit card into the windshield wiper cleaner???) Anyways she said “I don’t like you mommy.” And I just looked at her and said she needed to go in time out when she got home because we don’t say things like that to people. It is mean.

This all came about because another child that we know has been saying that all the time to Katie and her other little friend. Todd and I decided we aren’t going to let it go with Katie. It isn’t nice and Katie needs to learn that. She needs to understand what is nice and what is hurtful.

Katie felt really sad about saying it and said she was sorry, that she did indeed like me, love me even! But I told her that just because other people aren’t nice doesn’t mean that we are not nice back. She said that so-and-so is mean to her all the time and she doesn’t like her and I said that is ok, but she still needs to be nice to her. That we need to treat other people with respect and kindness (ok, I didn’t use those words, she is 3 for crying out loud!) She understood and I asked her what we will do next time the other child wasn’t nice to her and she said she would walk away and come tell mommy. I am ok with that 🙂 Walking away is the best policy.

In other news, I am happy to say that my photography business is swamped. I never expected the response. I was thinking that 1 to 2 sessions a month would be fine with me. Right now I am at capacity at 5 to 6 a month. With a full time job and a 3.5 year old, not to mention my hubby, I can’t do anymore. Matter of fact, I am not sure I can do this much! But, we are going to take it day by day. I am so thankful for Leah Profancik for encouraging me. I am also thankful I took the workshop when I did, before all of the bookings came in.

Life is good, decisions are made, friends are great and family is amazing.


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