Love days like this!

The Girls

I think yesterday’s grievances are all gone 🙂 Today is a new day and I feel great! Back on track for my eating plan, I just needed a week off. To top it off, my hair looks good, the sun is out, I don’t have to work today, and I got a manicure and pedicure!

I woke up this morning to a dream that I swear was 100% real. I looked at the clock and I had to fully wake up to realize that it wasn’t true because right at that moment I felt the urge to get up and go look for a baby. I wasn’t sure if the baby was a boy or a girl and either was the hospital, their records were all mixed up. I didn’t even know I was pregnant but they said it happens. In my dream I found out I was pregnant and had the baby. I had to call Todd at home to tell him the news. Then, I never got to see the baby so I was curious if I had the baby early or what? Was the baby ok? How much did it weigh? Todd and I searched and searched the hospital to find the baby. Then Katie came in and woke me up. Thank goodness too, I was going to be late for my appointment!

Two weeks ago I was working out at the gym. My friend Meggie was walking 30 miles that day and I wanted to go to the gym and walk in long-distance support. I had only an hour or so left before the gym closed so I vowed to walk that whole time on the treadmill. I walked and walked and then jogged some and noticed a weird pain in my toes. The second toes, next to the big toes, both hurt like they were sore. I just kept going, not thinking anything of it. Then they REALLY hurt! The pain last like 4 days, I had to not wear shoes most the time. You would have thought I would have taken the nail polish off to check the nails, but hello, how could it have been the nails? Not like I dropped anything on them.

Today Consuelo, my lovely mani/pedi lady, was dong my nails, I had forgotten all about the instance above. She took off my nail polish from my toes and WHOA! Both of those toes have DARK purple nails. She put a tiny bit of pressure on them and they just feel like a bruise. She said they will probably fall off but not to worry we can put acrylics on them. That wasn’t too much of a concern to me, but the idea of how that happened was. Seriously how does that happen. She said a lot of runners and walkers and just people who exercise a lot have that. It is from the toes rubbing the wrong way in their shoes. I had no idea this could happen! I am bummed because I spent $124 on getting the perfect pair of shoes too. They are such wonderful shoes. I love them. So… that was my interesting morning.

Today is going to be a great day! We are going to go see my sister and her family this afternoon just to spend some time with them. Katie loves them so much (I do too)… she talks about my sister’s family all the time. We just need to see them more but it is hard sometimes to get together. Above’s photos is of my niece Emilee, Katie and my other niece Madison. They all got into the makeup, and I think they look fabulous! Below is a photo from Easter of me and my siblings… Have a great day!



One response to “Love days like this!

  1. Todd Margarita

    glad to see the happiness is back and enjoy the day…love ya

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