Annoyed much?


Why, yes! đŸ™‚ Thanks for asking!

I think it was Monday my husband so nicely asked if AF started (Aunt Flo for those not accustomed to the lingo). To that question I responded “Have you noticed two or three days of depression followed by one or two days of completely *itchiness??” He shook his head. I replied “Then no, it hasn’t started yet, but hold on to your seat and be ready because it is on it’s way!”

I have spent this entire week in a funk, just down and not eating well. No exercise, just not like me, but sounds like the depression state, doesn’t it? Kind of, yes, let’s call it that. Then last night I started to get really annoyed with things at about 9pm. (Ok, it really started at 7pm but I know that situation, no matter the time of month, would have annoyed me) Todd was next to me, but working on something, likely work. But it made me feel so alone. So, I went to bed and when he said he was coming I specifically asked him not to, but he did anyways, which just upset me even more. (Men need to make up their minds, they want us to tell them specifically what we want but when we do they don’t follow instructions)

This morning I awoke to being annoyed that I had to wash my hair (I only do this once every 3 to 4 days for many, many reasons). Then I was annoyed with the scales (so much so I am NOT entering my weight today) and then all was good in the world when I went to wake Katie up. It always is, she is a-maz-ing in the mornings! Then I got annoyed that there wasn’t anything “yummy” to take to work in terms of food. (never is the end of the week because I have eaten it all) Get to work… annoyed that the same person calls me ever day with the same questions. Then at this and that… just annoyed. Then it hits me!!! I have PMS! Wonderful, it is all explained, now I can calm down and no longer be annoyed, realizing it is just me and not the world.

Todd calls me at work just 15 minutes ago. “Hey, just calling to see how you are doing” (annoying) I reply “Fine” (not so nice tone) “Bad day at work?” to which I say “No, work is fine, I am just simply annoyed.”

The man I love loves me, this I know. Why else would he put up with such attitude every month?

I went on to tell him that I think we should make banana bread tonight. He offered to go get the bananas but then asked if there is anything else that we might need for it. How the heck should I know? lol And the circle starts again.

What I do know is that it is going to be all right. That this will pass and in the next 24 to 48 hours things will be more relaxed, mentally, and we can look forward to another 30 days of less annoyance. (I say less because come on, we all get annoyed from time to time.)

Can I just add, last month was much, much worse.

P.S.: It is annoying that for some reason when ever I type “in the” together it ends up as “int he” and I have to go look for the combination because the spell checker doesn’t pick it up. Sorry if you ever find a “int he” that I missed on my blog.

p.s.s.: I don’t like plain blog posts with no photos so I am going to use random photos from my Flickr account on days where I have no photo to share.


5 responses to “Annoyed much?

  1. i only briefly skimmed this, as i am heading out the door to work right now, but i will say one thing now…you HAVE to enter your weight today, you are our leader. just brush it off and start afresh this week. no one is perfect, and we hold too high of expectations for ourselves sometimes. the only one who is judging harshly is yourself.

  2. Heeheehee! I ALWAYS do the “int he” thing too! Sorry about the PMS….good think you know it’s coming (I guess?). Nice that you share!

  3. I’m in the same boat this week as well. I’m looking forward to a fresh start after “she” leaves.

  4. I was to aggraveted this week. PMS Sucks!!!
    I do think you should put your weight in thought. You have work really hard to get here and you will have some bad days. Its Friday and next week is a new start. Hang in there!!!! Thank you for blogging, Its has made my day.

  5. What ever did we do to deserve AF?!

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