A conversation with myself…

I think I am going to go get a snack. (looking in my purse. taking out my wallet to find the fiver I know is in there.)Hmmm, did I spend it? I bet I spent it. I am going to have to find change enough to buy something down there (rustling around in my purse for change) my purse is just such a mess. nobody would… ahhh, there it is đŸ™‚

(in the elevator now, looking at myself int he mirrored wall) if she asks where I have been I will just say “look at me, I have lost almost 50 pounds since January and I just can’t come in here anymore.” except for today as I get this once a month craving for something really bad, all week.

hmmm… I wonder if they have dove ice cream bars? those are what? 330 calories for one. Let’s see, breakfast was 130 plus estimate of 50 for fruit I have eaten, plus lunch which was 330, so let’s say 550. oh yeah, I can afford a dove bar. especially if we have turkey tacos for dinner.

(I go into the store) oh great, that guy is over by the ice cream chest and using it as a table to put away the ships. maybe I will have to get something else? no, no, i came in here to buy a dove ice cream bar and that is what I am getting! “Excuse me, could I get in here?”

(lady is ringing me up) $1.95, really? wow! jackpot! I would have easily thought that for something this good they would charge me like $3.50 at least! I could have bought two. but then I would have eaten two and that isn’t good. not good at all. (said slowly with definate pauses)

cool, let’s take a picture:


since the pioneer woman has been making ice cream lately, i wonder what is in this yummy treat… cream, oh cream, skim milk? ok, what is the point of it being skim? corn syrup, everything seems to have that these days. egg yolks are a necessity. i bet people are allergic to egg yolks and then they can’t experience the yumminess of it all. beta carotene… ok, wait, what is the point of that? does it change how the treat tastes? weird. OMGosh! look! it isn’t 330 calories! it is only 230!!!! I totally could have had 2.


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