My Nails, Strawberries and…

I started to get manicures recently. At first I was all about waiting until they were all the perfect length before paying to have someone file and paint my nails, but then I said heck with it and I went and had them done. Loved it and so I booked 6 more sessions. Since then my nails break, it seems, right before each appointment so then I feel that I, again, shouldn’t have them painted. I like having them done, no matter how short, I just wish they would remain longer. That is that.

I packed a ziplock of strawberries left over from yesterday’s lunch for today’s lunch and when I went to open the bag, they were no longer the yummy berries that I had yesterday. I hate that. I want yummy berries all the time. The good news is that I brought one of my favorite Lean Cuisine’s for lunch and I am just wasting time until I can cook it in the gross nuker at my work. The goal is to stay under my calorie range today to make up for the craptastic eating I did this weekend. Up one pound for the week at this point and only 3 days to lose it and a bit more so I can still be under this week instead of over, which I would have been today had it been weigh in day. Birthday party tonight may not help issues.

I need to face the fact that I am not a writer, I am a talker. I talk and talk and talk and really am saying nothing. Can one learn wittiness? I don’t know, but I am ready to find out. Do people really want to read a blog about nails and strawberries? No, not really. I have other things to say but… Well, I don’t know. Right now my goal is just to think of topics and write about them the best way I can.


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