Right now…

Right now I am sitting in my lazy-boy recliner, one leg tucked under my body, and enjoying the peace that is this afternoon. The house is quiet and the outside is quiet. The trees are blowing and a nice breezing is coming in through the windows. My husband is sitting next to me on the couch and my daughter is sound asleep on that same couch. I don’t think there is really anything better than this.(sorry about quality. Taken with hubby’s phone because I wanted to literally get a photo of “right now”)


Right now I am reading blogs, lots of them, maybe too many? I added a bunch to my Google Reader (best thing ever!) Here is a list of what I added today:

  • http://katelynvonfeldt.com/blog/ – a photographer friend of mine that I met on Flickr who is, like so many of my Flickr friends, expanding her creativity by leaps and bounds.
  • http://michelsandy.blogspot.com/ – a videographer who I found on Tara Whitney’s blog. His videos are amazing and this would be a treat to have him video my family.
  • http://jetsetcarina.blogspot.com/ – not sure about this one yet except that I like witty writing and hope that it keeps my attention. So far so good. 🙂
  • http://www.kuperblog.com/ – A photoblog. I am a follower and the cool kids (The Pioneer Woman) are doing it so I am too.
  • http://www.pattischmidtblog.com/ – a photographer. Talk about yummy light and skin tones… I need some yummy light and skin tones in my life, don’t you?

And there you have it, the blogs that I added to my blog list this morning. Any other blogs you think I should frequent, let me know. I will give them a try because I am, indeed, a follower.

Right now I am also completely relaxed. My body is happy and my head is happy. So much so that I might just fade off for a quick nap, at 4:44 pm. wow, what a fun number. This has been a great day and I do, however, need to exercise at some point.

And finally, right now I just thought of the huge box of chocolates that appeared at my door from the UK this afternoon. A little melty, but who cares! They are chocolates from the UK! 🙂 Todd asked where they came from and why did I need them? Um, does anyone really need chocolate? I really don’t think so, but I certainly wanted them and the money I paid for them went to CiCi’s Fund… so all is good! I had one and quickly put them into the freezer, where all chocolate should be anyways, it lasts longer frozen, in my humble opinion! 🙂 (will edit with photo of said chocolates)


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